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"NIKON 50mm f/1.8 SERIES E"

YEEEEY! :D So I finally got my 50mm prime lens from Hidalgo :) After a long time to save up for it, I finally was able to buy this lens.

What’s so special about this lens? Why did I buy a used 50mm from the ’80s? The simple reason is because this lens is SHARP.

This lens was made by Nikon from 1981-1985. Upon inspecting my lens’ serial number, I found out that it was around 30 years old! Imagine, a lens older than all of us! :O

This is an AI-S lens, meaning, no auto focus, no metering. None of today’s modern lens comforts, but still this lens is very very very sharp. And the best part is, it works on all Nikons, from 1959 until today. Amazing, isn’t it? :)

A lens bought for such a rock bottom price with quality optics and a light weight. Check the last picture, see how small it is to the 18-55mm kit lens? That’s only 33mm long, mind you. And this probably is one of the lightest Nikon lenses ever manufactured, even lighter than the AF Nikkor 50mm 1.8D :) 

This lens is even included in the pancake lens category, because of it’s small size and light weight. 

How I love Hidalgo, and the treasures you find there…if you know what you’re looking for ;)

P.S. All these shots were taken using my trusty old Fujifilm P&S :D

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