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Anonymous asked: Hi! Are you gonna attend the ShutterbugPH's photowalk? Please attend kuya~ :)

Helloo! :) I hope to attend…I have Saturday classes kasi :( Kaya ayun… :\ Who’s this by the way? So I can be able to greet you properly when we do meet :)

Anonymous asked: Hi kuya Vince!!!!! :)

Hellooooo! :3

Anonymous asked: Goodluck po sa thesis! :D

Thank you so much! :D

Anonymous asked: kuya galing niyo po kumuha! saya siguro sumama sainyo pag nagshooshoot kayo. hehe! keep up the good work!

Heehee! :”> Thank you so much :D Masaya nga actually, ung nakakasama kong magshoot, naeenjoy naman nya :D Get off anon at baka isama kita pag magshoot ako ;)

Anonymous asked: Hello po :-) good luck sa studies, thesis, endeavors, etc. Kaya mo yan kuya! :D

Hello! :) Awwwww :> Salamat po ng marami :D Really means a lot :3

Anonymous asked: Hala nakakaselos naman.Haha Kiddin‘ Lagi pa naman kita naikkwento sa iba. Ako pala si 2nd admirer hehe.

Hello second admirer :) Ganun ba? I am flattered naman :D Heehee! :”>

Anonymous asked: Hala, ano 'to, tatlo na kami? Grabe, sino yung dalawa pa. Nagseselos ako ah... </3 Hmp! Hahaha kidding. Ako yung first admirer. I'll tell you personally kung sino ako.*wink* But for now, keep shooting, Vincent! See you around... *wink wink* :-)

OMGheeee! :”“”> Can’t wait to find out who you are ;) Smile at me ha? :)

Anonymous asked: Too shy to reveal. Not yet, not now, sooner

Whyyyyy? I won’t eat you :)) I’m a good person O:)

Anonymous asked: Not planning to tell you who I am for now. But for now, see you around Vincent ;-)

For now? So you’ll tell me…eventually? Why not now? :[ 

Anonymous asked: I will hug you back instead >:3<

Awwww… >:3<

Anonymous asked: Another admirer here too... :-)

Oh you! :”“”>

Anonymous asked: And another admirer here. :) *different anon

EHRMEGEHRD! :))) I just want to hug all of you >:3< Please reveal yourselves already! :D

Anonymous asked: Just an admirer from afar... :-)

Hello :) Were you the one I have been replying to all this time? :)

Anonymous asked: Kuya saan ho yung Hidalgo? :)

Hidalgo is a street located in Quiapo, Manila :) Kung alam mo kung saan ung Quiapo Church, suyurin mo lang ung kalsada na may MiniStop. Sa bukanan maraming nagtitinda ng mga gulay at tinapa, pero walk further and enter a Photographer’s Haven. Enjoy! ;)

Anonymous asked: I love you :-)

I love you too! :*